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November 2019 Stickers
November 2019 Stickers
November 2019 Stickers

Sticky Kit

November 2019 Stickers


This set contains only the stickers from November's kit (it also has the postcard as an extra!) Please be aware that the additional products in the third photo are not included.

  • "Knitting Kittens" washi stickers (Sticky Kit × Waka) 
  • "Knitting Kittens" stamp stickers (Sticky Kit × Waka) 
  • "Winterland" washi stickers (Sticky Kit) 
  • "Happy Flower Field" stickers (Mind Wave) 
  • "Winter Animals" sticker flakes (BGM) 
  • "Knitting Kittens" postcard (Sticky Kit × Waka)

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