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Sticky Kit

Build Your Kit Membership

$10.00 USD/month

Please register an account or log in (required in order to subscribe).

Subscription renews automatically. Gets you $10/mo store credit and exclusive member benefits. Cancel any time (after 2 orders)


Your Perks

Build your own kits at 15% off

Exclusive access to the Kit Builder, where you can choose from a regularly updated selection of products at a subscription price (5 items minimum)

Perks 2

$10/mo in Store Credit

Your monthly $10 membership gets you a $10 monthly store credit that rolls over each month and can be spent on ANY products.

VIP Early Access

First access to new products and special pre-orders, so you don't miss on your favorites whenever there's a new release.

Step 1: Sign up

You will immediately get your $10 back in store credits, and then each month after your membership renews.

Step 2: Build a kit

Log into your account and access the Kit Builder to start creating your first custom kit! Get 15% off always.

Step 3: Join the community

Share your original kits on Instagram with the hashtag #mystickykit. Don't forget to follow us and tag us @stickykit

  • How is this different from a monthly subscription box?

    With a monthly subscription box, you get an assortment of products every month for a fixed recurring price. Generally, the same box is sent to every subscriber, and while you get the thrill of looking forward to a surprise package, the surprise isn’t always a pleasant one. You can find yourself stuck with a bunch of stuff you don’t actually want, and not enough of what you really like.

    By becoming a Build Your Kit Member, you gain access to the Kit Builder: a regularly updated selection of high-quality stickers and washi tapes from Japan at 15% off. YOU have full control over what to get, and when to get it. As long as your kit contains at least 5 items, you are free to spend what your budget allows.

  • What is the monthly cost?

    The membership fee is only $10/month, which you get back in store credits. You will be billed on the same day every month, from the day you signed up.

    Custom kits can be ordered at any time, there's no schedule for that.

  • Do my store credits ever expire?

    They will never expire, so you can let them add up until you see something you want to buy. They can be spent on anything from our site (shipping fees are excluded)

  • How can I cancel?

    You can cancel any time (after 2 orders) by logging into your account.

  • Have more questions?

    Check our FAQ page.