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The Kit Builder FAQ

What is it?

The kit builder is part of the Build Your Kit Membership. With this tool, members can build custom kits with our products and be eligible for a 15% discount. Learn about the membership perks here.


Where is the link?

You can access the link from the Top Menu -> Build a Kit. It is only visible and accessible for logged-in members.


How do I build a kit?

Simply go to the kit builder and start adding products. You can check its contents in your cart. The 15% off member code must applied at checkout in order to be effective.

Storage products, pre-curated kits, and discounted sets can't be part of a custom kit, and are not eligible for the discount.


Is there a minimum purchase?

There is no minimum purchase, however, you will need at least 5 eligible items in your order for the 15% discount to work. You may add as many products to your kit as you want. 


When is the kit builder updated?

While you can definitely build custom kits at any time you want, we usually pre-release a new selection of products once a month, and keep it on members-only access for a few days. Please join our mailing list to be notified of updates if you haven't already, and follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks (@stickykit)


Can I use other forms of payment besides store credits?

Of course! Store credits are just one form of payment. You can apply your store credit codes at checkout and then pay the remaining with any other accepted payment method.


Where can I see the contents of the custom kit I ordered?

You can see all the contents of your order from your account, under the link in your order number.

Kit Builder V1: If your custom kit was created with the old kit builder, you need to refer to your order confirmation e-mail. The contents should appear in the email body and also in your Order Status page, which is linked in the same e-mail as a button called "View your order". If you can't find your order confirmation email, please contact us, and we will re-send it to you.