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Hold & Combine

Are you shipping to the US, Canada, or Australia?
Combine two orders together and save in DHL shipping costs!

All customers affected by Japan Post suspensions (check the list here), can opt for our "hold and combine" shipping service. The option is displayed at checkout and allows you to send 2 orders together.

Your first order will be semi-packed and stored for up to 50 days in our headquarters. The shipping fee is paid in advance. We'll send you an e-mail with instructions to obtain free shipping at checkout on your second order. 

Once your second order is successfully placed, a package containing both orders will be sent via DHL Express.

Terms and Conditions of Combined Shipping:

  • By selecting our "hold and combine" service as your shipping method, your initial order will be put on hold up to 50 days.
  • The weight limit for the package is 2 kg.
  • If you haven't placed another order after 50 days, your first order will be automatically released for shipping.
  • The service will stop being available to your country once Japan Post resumes its service.