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Washi Tape Paper Clips | By Cristiane

Hello Sticky Kit and Washi lovers! Today I’m bringing you a fairly simple protect: how to decorate simple paper clips with washi tape!

You will need one washi tape, a pair of scissors and paper clips. That’s it! We will start by making the washi double sided, which means getting a long section of the tape rolled out and folding it onto itself, like this:

This particular tape had a shaped edge so I cut that out, folded the now straight, doubled sided washi in half and inserted it in the area that will be the back of the paper clip (the part that sticks out of the paper once in use).

Now you need a little bit of skills. You will grab the two open ends and insert it inside the loop that formed on the opposite side, then pull. This will form a cow hitch knot.

Pulling is the tricky part because you have to wiggle and pull, and do it several times until the loop is “gone” and the knot is firmly attached onto the paper clip.

Don’t worry too much though, I didn’t rip any of the washi that you’ll see in the following pictures. Washi tape can be pretty strong! You will also feel like you’re squishing the washi too much but the creases will only add charm to it!

You’re almost done! To give it a nice finish, cut the sticking ends into a diagonal shape, a banner shape or a straight clean cut. And you’re done!

If you use the Ginza washi, because it’s so wide, you can get two strips of double sided washi and therefore make two decorated paper clips. I used all four washi tapes from the Starry Nights Sticky Kit and look how beautiful they are together!

These were very fun to make and it took me about 15minutes to decorate six paper clips! I’m sure you can make a few in no time!

I love how they look all bundled up together.

I hope you give this a try! If you do, please tag me (@crisevans) on Instagram so I can see it! And if you use washi tapes from Sticky kit, please tag them too!

- Cristiane Evans
Check out her Instagram.

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