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Traveling back in time to drink a “melon cream soda” | by Esther

If you travel to Japan, you will find infinite places to enjoy a bite with some coffee. But, if you are a retro style lover, there are a type of old-fashion cafes called “kissaten” that you can’t miss. Visiting one of them is like traveling back in time. That experience will remain forever in your heart.


“Kissaten” became popular during the Showa era, around 1926, when Japan started to recover from World War II. They wanted to offer a quiet place with elegant furniture and a relaxing atmosphere, where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and some modern food, while listening to jazz or other curated music. They provided a menu inspired in western food, creating a variety of drinks and dishes that still have not changed nowadays.



One of the classics on the drink menu is the “cream melon soda” or “melon soda float”. It consists in a soda pop with melon syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, sometimes with a cherry on top. The drink is so pretty, it has a bright neon green colour that will become more pastel when the ice cream starts melting. It might sound very strange to have a soda with ice cream inside. But its unique and creamy sweet flavour will make you smile for sure. 

Cream melon soda became an icon of the Showa era that we still enjoy at the present. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants that offer that drink and even you can find it bottled at supermarkets and convenience stores. So many people feel nostalgic when seeing or drinking one, as it reminds them special moments of their childhood.

Cream Melon Soda

There are so many stationery items that are inspired in the cream melon soda. Notebooks, pouches, pencases, pens, sticky notes, erasers, washi tapes, stickers… 

Melon soda stationery

This month Sticky Kit “Harapeko Bears” and “Merry Merienda – Green” from Mind Wave included cream melon soda in their designs. They are so cute! The “Harapeko Bears” are so funny! The cream melon soda one even has a cherry on the top of his head! Definitely, I will not be able to drink that super kawaii bear, he, he, he!

Harapeko bear a

Harapeko bear b

The “Merry Merienda – Green” has 3 cream melon soda stickers. Two of them even have a heart shaped candy on it, as some “kissaten” did as a shop signature. The other one has a heart shaped straw! And I love the colour of the drink! The watercolour gradation and the ice cream starting to melt is so beautiful! 

Merry Merienda stickers

Merry Merienda stickers

Merry Merienda stickers

I hope you can enjoy those beautiful stickers and visit a retro “kissaten” if you come to Japan for holidays.

Making card



- Esther Molina
Check out her Instagram, YouTube and blog.

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