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The Art of Cozy Journaling | By Phyllis

In the northern hemisphere, this time of year is the time of blankets, hearth fires, and warm drinks. It is my absolute favorite time of year, and definitely the best time to journal. I feel so inspired when I can stay inside and be cozy! The November Sticky Kit is exactly the embodiment of this. With it’s “knitting kittens” theme, I totally feel like journaling with it all the time! The cozy, vintage vibe immediately made me want to make some journaling embellishments. I had some scrap yarn and string lying around, as well as some sealing wax, so I decided to use those along with the Sticky Kit materials to make my embellishments.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite item from this kit because they are all so amazing. I think the collaboration items with the watercolor artist Waka are so unique and perfectly charming. The colors are vibrant and the design is cute and cozy.


To start off making my journaling embellishment, I needed a base. One of the included stationery items this month is a small letter note of an animal sitting inside a mitten. It also comes with textured brown envelopes, which is what I decided to use as the base. I cut it into a small square or rectangle, and cut rounded corners on one of them. I then used washi tape and stickers to add additional design. The embroidered flowers stickers look so realistic, they actually look like someone stitched flowers onto paper!

Journal 1

To give the embellishment some texture and depth, I attached a little cutout of the cat sticker, which was a Sticky Kit x waka collaboration. I also used string, wax, and stamps to add additional texture. The collages with a lot of layers and textures feel the most cozy to me.

How will you be cozy journaling this season? I hope this inspires you to get a cup of tea and pull out your journals!

Stay warm,


- Phyllis Ying
Check out her Instagram and YouTube channel.

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