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Posts tagged: Paula Smith

Decorating a notebook | By Paula

Hiya guys! Here is my new video using the latest stickers from Sticky Kit. This time, I'm decorating a notebook that came in the kit where I wanted to do something to mark this new year 2020.     Enjoy! - Paula SmithCheck out her Instagram and YouTube.

Itʼs almost Christmas! | By Paula

Hello everyone! Christmas is nearly upon us and Iʼm still nowhere near sorted yet, between work and journaling it really doesn't leave much time for much else, or maybe Iʼm just making excuses? Anyway, Iʼve been busy working on my pages in my Jibun Techo. I had a hard time...

Holidays with Sticky Kit | By Paula

Hiya! By the time you see this I will be on my (well deserved) holidays, yay for me! For those interested Iʼll be in New York, woohoo :D Youʼll see that Iʼve decorated my Midori 2019 planner using yet another beautiful Sticky Kit, this time Octobers kit. I feel like...

Space Oddity | by Paula

“.... Ground Control to Major Tom .... “ That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the latest Sticky Kit “Starry nights”. What an astronomically fantastic kit that allows you to bring a touch of space to your pages and to your world! I made myself...

Capturing Spring Memories | By Paula

Spring has been sprung on us like no other! I was out the other day with my friend enjoying the beautiful sunshine and I thought to myself that this is a moment I want to capture and save into my journal.

Spring Vibes | by Paula

To try to capture this springtime, I went outside with my journal, I opened it up, I held it up high above my head, and I then slammed it shut! When returned inside and I opened my journal it came alive, the birds were flying across the pages, the flowers...

Decorating March | By Paula

As you know I’m from Chile, and March is a busy time for Chileans, it’s the end of the summer holidays, it’s a new school year, yearly payments are due, yearly expenses are planned, which makes March not the greatest of months when in Chile. Even though I have lived...

Let's Washitape | by Paula

I think sometimes when a Sticky Kit drops through my letterbox it just knows exactly what I want, it’s as though it can read my mind! For the next page of my journal I was wanting to create a nice happy flower scene, when I looked inside the box two...

Introducing the Sticky Kit 2019-1H Creative Team

We are so excited to officially introduce and welcome the members of the 2019-1H Sticky Kit Creative Team! This group of six talented women will be sharing inspiring ideas with you in this blog through the first half of 2019. We can't wait to share their amazing projects!