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Space Oddity | by Paula

“.... Ground Control to Major Tom .... “

That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the latest Sticky Kit “Starry nights”.

What an astronomically fantastic kit that allows you to bring a touch of space to your pages and to your world!

I made myself some fantastic looking paper clips that make it look like I have little astronauts floating around my papers.

Making these paper clips was quite simple, I just used some cardboard with the stickers stuck on and then attached to the clip, it was as simple as building a spaceship, oh wait..

If you look closely you might notice I used some animal stickers as decoration, because you know animals went into space before we humans did!

Now, how do I get that tune out of my head? “Ground control to Major Tom.......” Lalala

I hope you liked the August Kit of Sticky Kit as much as I did and if you want these super-duper stickers and washi tapes visit the subscription page!

- Paula Smith
Check out her Instagram and YouTube.

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