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Letter Folds Into Envelope | By Cristiane

Hello friends! This month I’m bringing you a foldable project, like an origami. It’s a letter that folds into its own envelope! All you need is a rectangular paper, a pen, your sticky kit and a postage stamp!


Any rectangular paper will do. I chose one with a floral print and colors that match the Autumn Moments kit. The other side is white so I can write my letter on that side. Please fold your paper as follows: to fold

Once folded, open up your paper so you can write inside. It will look like this:

3.opened blank letter

You could simply just write your message without decorating but why not use some of the beautiful washi and stickers from Sticky kit? It will sure brighten up and add a whole lot of charm to your letter!

I decided to use the washi, some stickers, post it notes and some graph paper.

4.letter decoration

I used the different spaces created by the creases to section it off and write little bits about me and I also used Crayola super tips markers to add doodles and more color!

5.letter written and decorated

For this letter I wanted to cover every little space possible and I purposefully wrote sideways in some of the spaces so my recipient can have fun turning the letter around to read every bit.

6.letter details

Now fold the letter back into the rectangular shape.

7.Closing the letter

Use a postage stamp onto the little tip that sticks out and seal the letter shut. Add an address label, address your letter and decorate a bit more. Almost done!

8.Finished letter front

I used more washi on the back of the envelope to make sure no paper is sticking out so it doesn’t get caught by the USPS machines.

9.Finished letter back

Write your return address and you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed this foldable letter tutorial. If you make it please tag me @crisevans so I can see it!


- Cristiane Evans
Check out her Instagram.

Comments (2)

  • Julia Lucas on July 06, 2021

    A very pretty way to send a letter. I love the idea! Thank you for sharing. I’ll try this for my pen pals.

  • Lily Myers on September 18, 2020

    What a beautiful concept. Going to do as a stay-at-home project with the little one to send to classmates! Thanx for sharing!

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