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Let's Washitape | by Paula

I think sometimes when a Sticky Kit drops through my letterbox it just knows exactly what I want, it’s as though it can read my mind!

For the next page of my journal I was wanting to create a nice happy flower scene, when I looked inside the box two of the washi tapes caught my eye, they were going to be perfect for my flower scene!

Sticky Kit January Kit washi tapes

As you can see from my page, I drew the shapes of the plants with pencil and then cut out the shapes of leaves and flowers from the two washi tapes, looks beautiful, right? 

Drawing shapes on washi tape

Cutting out the washi tape shapes

Drawing on washi sticky notes

The washi tapes used were from the MT range, and as you can see one of them has a lovely white and green pattern, and the other has a beautiful red flower pattern which is perfect for creating some plants.

 Let's washitape with Sticky Kit

Washi tape art

There were so much more things in the kit to use, and over the next few days, I’ll be decorating even more of my pages!  

 Washi tape art finished pagesCheers!

- Paula Smith
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