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Japanese Post Box | By Esther

Arriving home and finding a letter or a postcard in your mailbox gives you one of the most exciting feelings, isn’t it? Doesn’t amuse you that a tiny piece of paper can be sent hundreds or even thousands of kilometers from one place to another in the world?

Every time I sent a letter or a postcard a tiny bit of my heart goes with it to the addressee. When I put them in the post boxes, I usually kiss them goodbye (yes, I truly do it!!!), wishing them a safe trip until they arrive to my friends or family home. The moment where I let them fall through the slot of the post box I feel my heart beating so fast. It is a moment of faith. Faith in the good postmen and the magic of the post boxes.

Japanese post box stationery

Japanese post boxes are so adorable. I love their retro design, I find it very romantic. We still use the antic red pillar-box type (my favourites), that was introduced in 1901. The square type post boxes are more modern and very common, very easy to find in the big cities. Those ones have two slots. The slot on the left is for regular postcards and letters, and the on the right is for bigger envelopes, express mail, international… You can find both designs on the exclusive washi tape stickers from Sticky Kit this month.

Did you notice the 〒 mark of them? In 1887 that was adopted as the logo for the Ministry of Communications in Japan. Nowadays still the mark of the post office and it is also the symbol we use for the postal code. It is a stylized representation of the katakana syllable テ(te) because it means “teishin” = communications. Japan is famous for being cute doing everything, so, there is a common representation of that symbol like this: 〠 It has a face on it, like the postman with its hat. Isn’t that very “kawaii”?

Japanese post box stickers and stationery

When I travel in Japan and I find pillar-box type post boxes I take photos with them. And it seems I am not the only one with that hobby. It is very fun to do that, because sometimes you can find some special designs or post boxes with interesting stories. For example, did you know that there is an underwater post box in the coast of Susami Bay, Wakayama? The postman dives everyday to collect the mail that has been left there by other divers. I really want to go there someday and dive to use that post box!!!

I hope you enjoy these super cute exclusive stickers and, if you come to Japan, don’t forget to take a photo with one of their adorable post boxes!


- Esther Molina
Check out her Instagram, YouTube and blog.

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