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Itʼs almost Christmas! | By Paula

Hello everyone!

Christmas is nearly upon us and Iʼm still nowhere near sorted yet, between work and journaling it really doesn't leave much time for much else, or maybe Iʼm just making excuses? Anyway, Iʼve been busy working on my pages in my Jibun Techo. I had a hard time deciding which set of stickers to go with this month. It was a choice between BMG stickers or cat stickers. The only logical way of deciding between the two was a coin flip! I flipped it, it landed heads which meant BMG stickers! :D

So, stickers were stuck down, bubbles were drawn, and well... You can see the results for yourselves.

I hope you like it and have fun creating with Sticky Kit!

Bonus track!

I made a something else with the flower stickers :D 



- Paula Smith
Check out her Instagram and YouTube.

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