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Go with the Seasons | by Esther

Japan is a country where the four seasons are very different and people revere them with huge joy. People are so pleased with the changes that seasons bring to us that the shops are always full of seasonal items too cute to avoid. Of course, stationery designs follow this trend to make us fall in love with them. 

In spring, the designs include the flowers that bloom every month. It starts with plum flowers in February and soon they are replaced by the mimosa. Then, so many other flowers start to bloom. The queen of the spring flowers in Japan is the cherry blossom, called “sakura”.

One of my favourite things I love to do with stationery is making cards. Sticky Kit stickers and washi tape are so well coordinated that are perfect to make cards even if you have no experience. You can play with them and try to mix the different items. Inspiration will come to your fingertips as soon as you unbox them!

Spring decorated postcard 1

When I make cards, I love to follow the seasons using colours and products according to it. It makes me more aware of the nature surrounding me and brings lots of happiness to my daily life. This is why the March combo set of stickers and washi tape inspired me immediately. 

Decorating Spring postcards 2

My card making style starts with a frame made with washi tape. I usually tear the tape in half to make a full or partial frame, and sometimes I use two different tapes to overlap them. Then, I use stickers and stamps to tell a tiny story there, being sure I leave space to write a message. Sometimes I stamp just a sentence in the front, and others I write a full message.

Decorating Spring postcards 3

My tip is to choose the theme, then find the elements trying to use just 2 or 3 different colours. Also, try to keep a good balance with empty space. Less is more! Also, don’t worry about imperfections o little mistakes. They are part of the charming of handmade objects.

Decorating Spring postcards 4

Decorating Spring postcards 5

Enjoy your March’s Sticky Kit and show us your handmade cards!


- Esther Molina
Check out her Instagram, YouTube and blog.

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