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Gardening Journal | by Jenna

Spending time in the garden brings me so much joy. It’s a place that I feel a sense of calm, mindfulness that allows me to switch off from every day worries or concerns. For the last couple of years I have been growing my own cut flower and veggie patch. It’s wonderful to be able to grow our own produce as well as sharing our harvested veggies and herbs with friends and neighbours. The cut flower patch always brightens my day and I do enjoy getting creative and making beautiful flowers arrangements.

Some of the things we grow in our garden are; tomatoes, lettuce, varieties of herbs and in the cut flower patch I have had fun making a sweetpea tepee and grown from sown seed; billy buttons, dahlias, snapdragons, poppies, cornflower, zinnias, larkspur and more. I also have an Australian Native plant garden at the front of our home. No matter the season, there is always something flowering. Right now as we go into Autumn the olive tree is dropping olives, roses are in full bloom and the maple trees are about to put on a vibrant colourful show.

Even though in Australia we are heading into Autumn, it is the busiest and most enjoyable month for me in the garden as it is planting season. So this month and through April I will be sowing seeds, topping up my veggie and cut flower patches, giving everything a good prune, harvesting seeds from flowers for next season and planting tulip bulbs.

Flower plant guide

The March flower themed Sticky Kit packs could not have come at a better time. I used this month’s stickers and washi tapes to create a ‘Plant Guide’ spread in my bullet journal. I have used the Mindwave Weekend flower stickers as placeholders for my growing tips for the flowers I will be planting in the garden this month. The clover stickers also came in handy to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and I love how they look like cherry blossoms. I also like to use the sticker strips that come on each of the Sticky Kit envelopes and use these to decorate my journal pages too. I’m going to have fun with the colourful bird stickers – we get lots of cute finches in our garden. The blue swallows had a special meaning for me too this month. My Nan who I love and miss passed away this time last year, her favourite colour was blue, so I was able to feature these stickers in my journal and think of her.

There are really so many ways to document your garden, so I look forward to using these stickers and washi tape to document some of my future garden memories.

Planting Guide

March 2019 Sticky Kit


- Jenna Templeton
Check out her Instagram, YouTube and blog.

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