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Galaxy Envelopes | By Niina

How fun is the “Starry Nights” theme this month! Grab your paints and make some galaxy envelopes with me!

Let's gather some materials first...

You will need:

  • sheets of regular copy paper (1 sheet per envelope)
  • watercolour paints
  • white acrylic paint
  • dish for acrylic paint
  • 1 big brush and 1 smaller brush
  • envelope template (if you don't have one, deconstruct an existing envelope!)
  • pen or pencil
  • scissors
  • double sided tape or glue
  • old toothbrush (or just use a paint brush)
  • container of water for brushes
  • newspapers or old paper (to paint on top of)
  • your Sticky Kit!

Get your paper nice and wet with just water. Start dabbing watercolour paint all over. I used dark blue, purple and black to get galaxy colours. You're welcome to choose any colour you wish! Don't worry about being too perfect here, just have fun spreading colour around.

If some areas look too dark or you've got too much water/paint pooling – use a tissue to dab away any excess. To get lighter, more pastel effects I printed onto a second and third sheet of paper by pressing them against the first piece of paper I painted.

Get your white acrylic paint and toothbrush. I watered down my paint a little bit with water. Dip your toothbrush in, and with your finger flick the bristles away from the paper to create splatters. You can also do this with a paint brush – I find a toothbrush creates denser splatters and it's easier to control. Continue splattering in other colours if you wish.

Once your papers are dry, use your template to trace the envelope outline and then carefully cut them out.

Fold the envelope and glue/tape the bottom flap to the side flaps. Now decorate your heart out!

I'm going to enjoy using my envelopes for future letters. If you decide to make some, please tag me on Instagram so I can see your creations!

- Niina Aoki
Check out her Instagram.

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