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DIY Recipe Cards | by Jenna

April’s sticker and washi tape Sticky Kit packs are all about yummy baked treats. Being someone who likes to document all different aspects of my lifestyle in my journal, food is a topic I often write about. So having some kawaii food themed washi and sticker sheets on hand always come in handy when I’m journaling about my favourite foods and meals.

Here is a little DIY on how to make your own recipe and meal inspiration cards using washi tape and stickers.

You’ll need:

  • Food themed washi tape and stickers. The April Sticky Kit combo packs are perfect for this project!
  • Card stock
  • Your favourite recipes
  • Decorative papers of your choosing
  • Pen, scissors, glue


DIY meal cards

How to make DIY recipe cards:

1. Cut some white card stock down into a postcard size. I like to make them about 15 x 10cm.

2. For added decoration you can curve the sides of the recipe card using a curved cut with scissors or corner craft punch.

3. Use some washi tape or pattern paper to decorate and line the bottom or side of your recipe cards.

4. Write down your favourite recipes and meal inspiration ideas.

5. Finish off your DIY recipe cards by scattering food themed stickers around your written recipe.

These would also make wonderful gifts to pen pals, friends and family members, don’t you think?

Sandwich fillings recipe card

For my recipe cards I used a family banana bread recipe. I like to make this around Easter and whenever I have some left over bananas that have gone brown in our fruit bowl. This recipe can also be used for muffins too.

I enjoyed using the ‘Bread’ Papier Platz x Waka washi tape for this one. I love how the baked treats look like they have been watercoloured on the card when you stick it down. The Mind Wave ‘Harapeko Bears’ sticker sheet was a favourite from this month’s pack. So I had to use those for both cards. I will also be getting lots of use out of the ‘Hoccori Café’ sticker flakes.

In addition of the recipe card I created an inspiration card of my favourite sandwich fillings. I always have a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch so this little card will be kept in my Hobonichi as a super cute reminder. I absolutely adore the baked treat number shaped stickers from Mind Wave. I fell in love with Japanese sweet fruit sandwiches on my trip to Japan....quite a few years ago now. So I was excited to see this on the ‘Merry Merienda’ sticker sheet! It’s on my to-do list now to learn how to make one of these.

Hope you have fun making your own DIY recipe and meal inspiration cards!


- Jenna Templeton
Check out her Instagram, YouTube and blog.

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