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DIY New Year Postcards | by Jenna

Happy New Year! When the January 2019 Sticky Kit combo packs arrived in the mail, I just had to make some New Year cards for my pen pals using all the beautiful traditional Japanese themed stickers and washi tapes.

If you don’t know already the Sticky Kit packs arrive in a beautiful Japanese themed illustrated envelope. I’ve always been someone who likes to utilise beautiful packaging, so I fussy cut the Japan illustrations from the envelope up and used these to decorate the postcards too. They look so cute with the stickers and washi tape.

Check out my You Tube Video on ‘How To Make New Year Postcards’ for your pen friends or loved ones.

I have been making New Year mail for the last few years. It’s a great idea if you didn’t get time to send someone a Christmas card or holiday cheer. I learnt while visiting Japan that it is also a tradition to send NY cards, they call it ‘nengajo’ (年賀状). They are also themed to the Lunar New Year animal. This year is the ‘Year of the Pig (Editor note: in Japan it's the Year of the Boar). I was pretty excited about this as the pig is my birth Lunar animal year. So I hope this brings me good fortune for 2019.



Have fun decorating the backs of your postcards too. See how I made the little DIY postage stamp using the Onigiri Mindwave Sticky Kit washi tape in the video.

Happy New Year Mail Days!


- Jenna Templeton
Check out her Instagram, YouTube and blog.

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