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Decorating Tea Lights | By Niina

It certainly gets busy this time of the year and I don't know about you but my stress levels get pretty high! It's important to make sure I look after myself and making crafts is an easy way to feel better. For this month I came up with a super quick craft project which uses materials you probably already have in your home!

Tea Lights

Gather your favourite tapes (the tapes from November's StickyKit are nice and festive!), some tea lights and a pair of scissors and let's start decorating!

Tea Lights

All you have to do is stick the tape down on the base of the tea light. I found my tea lights were the exact same height as my tape. If your tea lights are a little shorter you could either cut off the excess tape or have the excess to the bottom of the base and tuck it underneath.

Tea Lights

Now you've got some beautiful looking candles to decorate your home! These are also a cute little gift that won't break the bank :)

Tea Lights


- Niina Aoki
Check out her Instagram.

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