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Decorating March | By Paula

As you know I’m from Chile, and March is a busy time for Chileans, it’s the end of the summer holidays, it’s a new school year, yearly payments are due, yearly expenses are planned, which makes March not the greatest of months when in Chile. Even though I have lived in England for 9 years, I still can’t shake that March feeling, I feel anxious, I feel like I should be planning, but no, I don’t need to do anything that… I just need to relax and enjoy what March brings.

Decorating March planner

So, for that reason instead of suffering through March, I decided that I’d decorate March with lovely and beautiful things, things I wish I could have had back when I was in Chile, you know what I mean?

To decorate my March pages I used the Sticky Kit I received in February, the kit came with some nice washi tapes, which were perfect for my needs.

Decorating March in my planner

If we look at the pages, you’ll see that I’ve used a washi tape from BMG, I cut it into smaller pieces, so I could use the beautiful little flowers and foundation pens as decoration. I used the ‘stamp’ washi tape from Papier Platz to highlight different days of the month, which looks really great to me! The little gold dividers were from another BMG washi tape.

 Decorating my planner with Sticky Kit

And don't forget the amazing flake stickers, I love the tiny notebooks, pens and ink bottles that come in it ♥

 Sticker flakes

Now my March, looks beautiful thanks to Sticky Kit :D



- Paula Smith
Check out Paula's Instagram and YouTube.

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