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Customising a Notebook | By Niina

Getting a notebook in the December Sticky Kit was a nice surprise! I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet (I'm thinking a future travel journal), but I thought I would customise it a little bit using other pieces from the kit. The main idea I wanted to try out was to create little peek-a-boo windows on the cover.


I first decorated the first page of the notebook using the beautiful postcard and washi tape from the December Kit.


Then I had to decide where my peek-a-boo windows would go. I chose the parts of the postcard I liked the best! To get the placement right, I held up the first page and the cover up to the light and then made a little mark with pencil on the cover, in the middle of the area where I wanted the peek- a-boo window. Using a compass I drew a circle and then cut it out with a stanley knife. If you're not confident cutting circles, you could cut out an angular shape like a square, diamond, triangle, etc. And if you're extra crafty you might have a craft punch in your drawers that you could use!

Customized notebook

After cutting a couple more holes and adding a few choice stickers to the cover, I now have a one of a kind notebook to use! I wish I had a holiday lined up so I can use it asap!


- Niina Aoki
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