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COVID-19 Temporary Shipping Situation (Updated June 4)

by Sticky Kit |  | 8 comments

June 4 update: Japan Post resumes airmail shipping to Switzerland. Groups updated.

June 2 update: Article updated with links to our FAQ for easier navigation.

May 21st update: Unfortunately we've had to remove Surface shipping, after being told by Japan Post that packages can't be tracked. We're so sorry for the misunderstanding. Sea mail may be cheap, but considering that packages take MONTHS to arrive (even without a pandemic), we can't take the risk of them getting lost in transit without a way to locate them. Your orders will be safer being shipped by Registered Airmail or DHL, so those will be our shipping options for now. Since Surface Mail is no longer available for suspended countries, we've decided to bring back the Sticky Mailbox for suspended countries as a way to save money in shipping fees (by combining multiple orders before shipping via DHL), but please be aware that DHL rates fluctuate and there may be an adjustment at the time of shipping.

May 18th update: Since COVID-19 started disrupting global shipping, we've been continuously monitoring the situation and re-evaluating our shipping methods. We've seen that tracking is now more important than ever, since it provides a safer experience and relieves the uncertainty caused by the current delays.

For this reason, we've decided that starting today and until the situation gets better, all our packages will ship with tracking information. In order to keep the price low on your end, we are temporarily covering part of the additional cost to register the package, so you'll only see an increase of $2.50 USD compared to Standard shipping.

Please note that, while you'll be able to locate your package at all times (check country availability here), delays are still expected. For fast delivery and tracking, we highly recommend DHL.

May 15th update: We are happy to announce our new partnership with DHL (yay!!) Since they have their own fleet of airplanes, they can provide fast and reliable shipping during these uncertain times. Considering the delays with all Japan Post shipping methods, we've decided to make DHL available for countries in ALL groups, so anyone in a hurry can select it. 

May 11th update: We're trying to secure a more reliable Express Airmail service. Group lists updated.

May 7th update: Information on delayed shipments.

April 28th update: Sticky Mailbox shipping alternative fully explained. Japan Post links updated to their English translations. Ukraine shipping by Japan Post resumed.

April 23rd update (Post completely re-written): USA and New Zealand added to Japan Post suspension. Introducing alternative shipping options.

April 10th update: New countries added to Japan Post temporary suspension: Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Bhutan, Syria, Bahrain, Fiji, Serbia, Zimbabwe, Botswana.



Japan Post's Airmail temporary suspension

Unfortunately, Japan Post has temporarily suspended its international postal airmail services to multiple countries due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of outbound flights from Japan, so our usual shipping methods are unavailable to some countries at the moment. 

We have adapted our shipping options to the current situation, and now offer alternatives for some countries where Japan Post Airmail is not available. 


Countries we ship to, and shipping methods

Currently, we can ship orders via Japan Post or DHL. Please check the articles below for the list of countries, and information on our shipping methods (opens in a pop-up window)

What countries do you ship to?

What shipping methods do you offer?


Other COVID-19 related articles

Please read the articles below (opens in a pop-up window)

[COVID-19] When will Japan Post resume shipping to my country?

[COVID-19] My order is on hold due to the suspensions. When will it ship?

[COVID-19] What's the Sticky Mailbox and how does it work?


Shipping Delays

Please note that, although we are shipping packages as usual, significant delays are expected for all shipments due to the global reduction of flights, tightened customs scrutiny, decreased carrier operations, local lock-downs, etc. According to Japan Post, packages to the US are experimenting delivery delays of 4 months or more at the moment. 

Packages sent from March onwards:

Although the Japan Post suspensions started in April, we've known that packages sent from March (including March's subscription kits) are affected by delays, and some are being returned to us by Japan Post because they couldn't be sent before the suspension. If we receive your package back, we will notify you via e-mail. We will keep it safely with us until Japan Post suspension is lifted. May 15 update: If you are in a hurry, now you can also re-ship it via DHL for an additional cost, contact us at

We are receiving numerous messages from customers asking about their shipments. We understand your frustration and try our best to reply to everyone, but your package is almost certainly delayed because of this situation, and, unfortunately, this is completely out of hands. If your package was sent by Registered Shipping, you can check the latest information on your shipment via this link from Japan Post (here's another link where every step is explained). If it was sent by Standard Shipping -subscription kits were-, it can't be tracked. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding while the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting global shipping. 

More information:

My order is late/missing. What can I do?


We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and hope we will be able to resume normal shipping again soon. We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to update this post to keep you informed. 

Thank you so much for your support to our small business, and for your kind understanding during this difficult time. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at


Comments (8)

  • Jessica | Sticky Kit on May 19, 2020

    Geok Cheng Lim, unfortunately shipping to USA is very congested, and the current expected delivery is delayed to 4 months or more. Most of the March packages to our customers in the US have not arrived yet, so your package is most likely still in transit too. As far as we know, Japan Post is not returning US shipments at the moment.

  • Geok Cheng Lim on May 16, 2020

    Hi! I read the updates and understand the situation. I am still waiting for my March kit. Have not received any email so means my kit was not returned. Am kind of worried now as it seems to have left Japan since it was not returned to you guys. Is it possible it’s still on it’s way? I really hope its not lost.

  • Sticky Kit on May 16, 2020

    Hi Carla! The shipping fees are automatically calculated at checkout. You can preview the fees and expected delivery time after filling in your shipping address. For orders on hold please contact us at

  • Carla on May 16, 2020

    Hi! Is there a way to know how much shipping with DHL for our orders will be?

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