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Japan Post suspensions and COVID-19 related delays

by Sticky Kit |  | 8 comments

Recent Updates:

  • 2020-11-26: Canada is suspended from Registered Shipping starting Nov. 27 according to Japan Post update. All pending orders have been dispatched today. Until the situation is back to normal, we can ship to Canada via DHL only. Additionally, Combined Shipping is now available to customers in Canada.


Japan Post's Airmail temporary suspension

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of outbound flights from Japan, Japan Post has temporarily suspended its international postal airmail services to multiple countries. We currently offer DHL Worldwide Express as an alternative, and ship via Japan Post Registered Airmail to those countries where available.


Countries we ship to, and shipping methods

Currently, we ship orders via Japan Post or DHL. Please visit our Shipping page for the list of countries we ship to, and the shipping methods available.

You may also check your country status in Japan Post website. When shipping via Japan Post, remember we only ship via Registered Air Mail. We won't send new orders via SAL, surface or unregistered methods, since they are unreliable at this time.


Shipping times

  • Typically, we are processing orders within the usual timeframe, which is 5 business days (except on peak times, pre-orders, and sale periods, when it can be a few days longer)
  • Delays are expected for all orders shipped via Japan Post due to the global reduction of flights, tightened customs scrutiny, decreased carrier operations, local lock-downs, etc. More information
  • According to Japan Post, packages sent -from March onwards- to the US may take 4 months or more to arrive. 
  • Some packages may be returned to us if unable to ship. If we receive your package back, we will notify you via e-mail. We will hold it until the suspension is lifted, or re-ship it for an additional cost via DHL at your request.
  • If your package was sent by Registered Airmail, you can check the latest information on your shipment via this link from Japan Post (here's another link where every step is explained)
  • Your package can not be located if it doesn't have a tracking number. You'll need to be patient.
  • By placing an order, you accept that shipping delays are beyond our control.

More information:

My order is late/missing. What can I do?


Japan Post shipping resumption

We are continuously monitoring the situation, and our shipping options are being promptly updated any time changes occur.

The list of countries we currently ship to and all of our shipping details can be found here.


April orders on hold

Some orders placed in April couldn't be sent due to the sudden shipping restrictions by Japan Post, and some others were rejected by Japan Post and returned to us. 

These orders are held in our headquarters, and will be shipped when Japan Post shipping is resumed. However, if your order was initially placed via "Standard Shipping" (untracked), please note the following:

  • Due to the irregular situation regarding global shipping, we strongly advise against shipping packages via unregistered methods at the moment.
  • If you'd like to add tracking and insurance to your package, please contact us any time. The cost is only $4 USD, which is a small price for your peace of mind.
  • If you request to ship your package without tracking and without insurance once Japan Post shipping is resumed, please note:
    • You agree to assume full responsibility of your shipment once it's turned over to Japan Post. 
    • Any delay, loss or damage after the package is handed to Japan Post will not be our responsibility. We won't refund or exchange any products.
    • We will take photos of your order and package as proof of shipment.
  • If you have a more recent order pending shipping via DHL (including "Combined Shipping" orders in hold) all your orders will ship via DHL Express, since it's faster and safer.

Alternatively, you may request immediate shipping via DHL Express by purchasing this product. Since DHL is considerably more expensive an extra fee is required. You can add other products from our shop and the shipping fee won't change.

In general, any new order from the same customer will be automatically combined and sent together with their April order. However, if your order on hold was a kit from our old subscription or a returned package, please let us know with a message on the cart's "Order Notes" (we might miss it since they're not on the system). Shipping fees will be re-calculated and, if applicable, the excess will be refunded. 


We kindly ask for your patience and understanding while the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting global shipping. Rest assured we are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to update this post and our website as the situation changes.

Thank you so much for your support to our small business during this difficult time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at


Comments (8)

  • Jessica | Sticky Kit on May 19, 2020

    Geok Cheng Lim, unfortunately shipping to USA is very congested, and the current expected delivery is delayed to 4 months or more. Most of the March packages to our customers in the US have not arrived yet, so your package is most likely still in transit too. As far as we know, Japan Post is not returning US shipments at the moment.

  • Geok Cheng Lim on May 16, 2020

    Hi! I read the updates and understand the situation. I am still waiting for my March kit. Have not received any email so means my kit was not returned. Am kind of worried now as it seems to have left Japan since it was not returned to you guys. Is it possible it’s still on it’s way? I really hope its not lost.

  • Sticky Kit on May 16, 2020

    Hi Carla! The shipping fees are automatically calculated at checkout. You can preview the fees and expected delivery time after filling in your shipping address. For orders on hold please contact us at

  • Carla on May 16, 2020

    Hi! Is there a way to know how much shipping with DHL for our orders will be?

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