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BYK Membership update

As of June 1st, the Build Your Kit Membership program has been discontinued.

By retiring the BYK membership, we feel we'll be able to offer a more straightforward service and (hopefully soon) a new rewards program for our most loyal customers.

What happens to subscriptions?

All active subscriptions have been cancelled as of May 31st, so there won't be any more renewals or store credits sent.

Will my credit expire?

No. Any remaining credits can be used as a payment method at our shop as usual. They won't expire.

Can I still build custom kits?

Yes! The kit builder is now available here for everyone and new products will continue to be released.


Thank you so much for your support to Sticky Kit over the years and into this new phase. We will keep working hard to deliver your happy mail packages from Japan, and to make your experience the best it can possible be.

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