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Capturing Spring Memories | By Paula

Hi guys,

Spring has been sprung on us like no other! I was out the other day with my friend enjoying the beautiful sunshine and I thought to myself that this is a moment I want to capture and save into my journal.

So, I start off by snapping some photos, I took many, far too many! 

I’m not someone who can just jump in and start drawing and sticking, no, I like to plan my ideas out first. I find there is nothing worse than sticking that sticker in the wrong place and then trying to peel it back up again. I always like to sketch out my ideas, and then if I change my mind or make a mistake it’s not a problem.

Once I’m happy with my planning, I snap a photo or two, so I can work from it later and not worry about losing what I’ve done.

I print out the photos I’ve taken, I cut them up into lovely shapes and then I let the magic flow from within!

I grab some washi tape, I stick some here, I stick some there, I snip it, I manipulate it and it always makes for some beautiful decoration.

 Stickers are always fun, it sometimes looks like I’ve just thrown them on the page, but each sticker has been carefully chosen and placed (honest!).

And by the end of it all, I’ve managed to capture that beautiful spring day when I went walking with my friend.  


- Paula Smith
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