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Birthday Weekend | by Tara

Dear friends,

How have you been? I have been very happy lately because my birthday recently passed! Because it fell on a work day, my family and I decided to go and celebrate it on the weekend before. I was able to choose where and what we were going to do that day; how special is that! Most of the things I wanted to do were centered around my favorite cafes and bakeries in Los Angeles. And what a coincidence that the April Sticky Kit has a bakery theme! Of course, I had to use these to journal about my very special birthday weekend.

We started the day bright and early! At 6:00 am we were already on the road to our first stop; Chaumont. This is my favorite place to get almond croissants because they are the best croissants I have ever had; and I have had a lot of croissants. My second favorite item is the zucchini muffin. This café opens at 6:30 am and there is usually a line of people waiting for the doors to open. If you are ever in the LA area, please do yourself a favor and stop by early and grab yourself a treat; their breads are fantastic! Speaking of breads, the bread washi tape in the April sticky kit was adorable; I need to make sure to give some to my pen pals. The washi tapes this month were perfect for giving my journal spreads that pop of color; they are all so cute andcheery aren’t they?

Next stop was Urth Café, which is just a few blocks down. A short walk will get you there in no time. This place has such lovely tasting drinks and breads; I highly recommend the matcha latte and breakfast panini. With all this food to write about; I was so happy with the sticker and sticker flakes included in the April kit as well. They paired so well with my journal entry don’tyou think?

It was almost noon time and we decided to walk around The Grove; a well-known mall with afarmer’s market next door. Walking around with some iced tea, I was thinking about how eachyear passes quicker than the previous one, and how it is even more important for me to write down these memories in my journal; I can’t rely on my old age to recall these things!

But one can never be too old for stickers and washi tape! I do not believe I will ever grow tired of these little treasures that can brighten up my journal. They bring a smile to my face every time I flip through my journal and see them; how can you not?

We stopped at Ladurée for some macaroons; my favorite flavors are Pistachio and Rose Petal. Then we rounded the corner and came to Dominique Ansel Bakery; our final stop in our bakeryspree. It’s always hard to pick a favorite here; you can’t pick just one. I opted for the DKA; thinkof it as a caramelized croissant with a crunchy crust. (Can you tell I like croissants?)

And just like that, my birthday weekend celebration was over. I am thankful that I am able to have days like that every now and then; and even more thankful that I can write about them and remember them years from now. I want to make an effort to cherish all my memories; I hear they make a fine cushion for old age.

Xoxo T

- Tara Wasemiller
Check out her Instagram and YouTube.

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