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Autumn Painting | By Niina

When I saw the little sticker sheet of autumnal objects it made me think of paper dolls! When I was little I loved playing with them. Family from Finland would send me magazines that had paper dolls to cut out and I would spend hours laminating them, cutting them out and dressing them up. So seeing these stickers from Sticky Kit got me all nostalgic and I wanted to paint a girl that I could dress up.

Painting 2

The hobonichi planner has really thin paper and you wouldn't think it would handle paint very well but apart from a little wrinkling if you use too much water, the paint looks brilliant on the paper. I used acrylic gouache to achieve nice opaque colours.

Painting 3

The great things about these stickers are that the edges are transparent so they blend into the paper and you can paint over them for seamless edges!

Painting 4

After I had finished painting the girl (she came out pretty cute!), I continued to decorate the rest of the page with some stickers from the July Sticky Kit and another autumn themed one I had. I also had some wrapping paper I had saved from a Japanese sweets box that matched perfectly!

Painting 5

And to finish it all off I used the Zig Clean Colour Dot pen to get perfect circles. If you've been eyeing the pens I highly recommend them! They're such an easy way to finish a spread and the colours are gorgeous.

Panting 6

- Niina Aoki
Check out her Instagram.

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